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H2 History: Decline of the Global Economy

Welcome to our sample guide. This is a guide on the H2 History Decline of the Global Economy topic! This page is designed to provide you with a small glimpse of the valuable resources we offer for each H2 History topic.

Within this guide, you will find a model essay focusing on the overarching question for the decline of the global economy: was the oil crisis the most important factor in bringing about the decline of the global economy? This essay serves as an exemplary piece, showcasing a well-structured and well-argued response to this factor-based question. By studying this essay, you can gain insights into effective essay structures, argument development, interpretation, and analysis skills, enabling you to enhance the quality of your own essays.

In addition to the model essay, we have included a section dedicated to strategies and tips specifically tailored to navigating the topic of the decline of the global economy. These strategies will provide you with a clearer understanding of the key elements that must be incorporated into your essays in order to achieve top grades for this topic. Furthermore, our guide offers a question bank, arranged by priority, allowing you to streamline your efforts and focus on the most pertinent questions for this topic. 

Our guide also features detailed H2 History notes on the oil crisis, the rise of new protectionism, and the dynamics between BWS (Britain, West Germany, and the United States) and the USA. These notes delve beyond mere facts, presenting various historical viewpoints and interpretations, expanding your knowledge related to the decline of the global economy.

We invite you to explore this sample guide and experience firsthand the high-quality resources we offer. By leveraging the model essay, strategies, question bank, and notes, you will be well-prepared to excel for H2 History. For more guides and materials on other H2 History topics, please visit our main H2 History Guides homepage.

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