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H2 History A Levels Background


Reaching the A.


From confusion to confidence, alter the course of your A Levels by getting the H2 History Guides.

Ever wished H2 History was more manageable? Look no further. The H2 History Guides will help you to hit the highest marks with as little effort as possible. It will expose you to the best arguments, examples and perspectives, bridging the gap between years of study and the limited time frame you have. For the first time, you will be told exactly what and how to study. Tuition lessons, lectures and tutorials have been transformed into highly selective and structured material – within each guide, you will find everything you need to know.

Bring your H2 History essay to another level by receiving a model essay.

Expose yourself to very strong arguments with quality examples, a text in which every word has a purpose. Find a powerful and thoughtful conclusion. Read, incorporate and achieve. Make the jump to the highest band by writing an essay that contains all the right elements to reach such a band.

Save yourself from countless drafts with the strategies document.

Before you begin to write essays on this topic, there are tips that you should know to be on the right track. In the strategies document, you will find tips on the examples to use and the kind of structure you should adopt. Here, you will learn what elements you must reflect to get the highest marks, which angles you need to hit.

Make it incredibly easy for yourself to memorize through the core facts document.

Be selective in memorizing and learn the extrapolated core facts. Maximise the impact of each example. Benefit from clever mnemonics with similar dates being underlined, bolded or coloured.

Explore the directions to take your essay with top quality H2 History notes.

Beyond just stating the facts, these notes go much further because you will find substantiated perspectives from leading historians, opening you up to a world of arguments. The most salient examples and arguments have been underlined and bolded to make it astonishingly easy to use. 

Find out the limits of the H2 History syllabus document with the question preparation document.

From the simple to the more complex questions, find out what questions you need to focus on, arranged by order of priority.

Featured guides:

What are the different types of payments available?

You can use PayPal to make the payment. Once the payment is completed, you will immediately get the link to download the guide on the website and you will also automatically receive the download link for the guide in your emails.

Alternatively, you can also use Paylah or Paynow by paying the fee to the number +65 84297043. If you choose to use Paylah or Paynow, you will need to send an email to with the payment screenshot and the name of the guide that you would like to have. You will then receive it within 24 hours.


“The books are outstanding.  Every essay is very convincing and the books are helpful and easy to read.”

Xin Yuan



“In JC1, I was overwhelmed by the content for A Levels History. But the H2 History Guides helped to break down the learning by making the content much easier to learn. These notes were really helpful in helping me get the A :)”




“Mr Loo’s guides were extremely effective in helping to provide structure and giving great insights on the possible A Level questions. The essays were very well-argued.  I certainly would recommend the guides to any JC student taking H2 History!”


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