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H2 History Tuition 

Does Mr Loo offer H2 History tuition lessons?


Yes, Mr Loo offers 1-1 private tuition. If you are interested, you can feel free to Call/Whatsapp/SMS him at +65 8429 7043 or send an email to

What can I expect from H2 History tuition?


1. Content Mastery

This first component has to do with what is being tested in the final exam. Naturally, we will spend some time with understanding clearly the H2 History syllabus. We will start by going through each part of the syllabus document, so that there is absolute clarity on what is being tested at the A-Levels (and what cannot be tested).

The next portion of the content mastery is the H2 History notes. As expected, a complete and comprehensive set of notes will be provided for students. We will go through each topic thoroughly and make sure that students become very familiar with the content that they are supposed to study for the A-Levels. At the same time, we will make studying history content as interesting, insightful and captivating as possible.

2. Mnemonics

The second component is mnemonics. This subject is extremely demanding in terms of content – there is a significant amount of memorisation that needs to be completed within a short amount of time. As such, we will be focusing on making revisions concise, and making sure that appropriate mind maps and cheat sheets are made. Students can expect to receive cheat sheets that will help them link the important dates together.

3. Intensive Timed Practice

We will do essay-writing and source-based case studies to enable students to develop a strong writing ability which will help them score distinction in both history papers. This will be done in a timed practice so that students learn the important skill of time management whilst being able to write a top quality essay within the limited time frame. Specifically, we will go through how to analyse questions and what examiners are looking for. We will go through how to write paragraphs convincingly, write strong introductions and how to end essay on a very high note. During the tuition sessions, students will have the opportunity to tackle various questions, including source-based case studies. To get a glimpse of what to expect, you can check out this example of a Cold War source-based question.

4. Marking of Case Studies and Essays

The case studies and essays will always be marked. This will enable students to be self-reflective about their mistakes. It will also allow them to understand more clearly the various bands and what they need to incorporate in each of their essays to consistently achieve the highest possible marks. To help students gauge their progress and refine their writing skills, Mr. Loo ensures that all case studies and essays are meticulously marked. Here is an example of an ASEAN source-based question along with a model answer that can serve as a valuable reference.

5. Exam Tips

Students will be able to learn key exam strategies pertaining to H2 History. They will learn how to break down all the content so that it becomes much easier to learn. They will be taught what to prioritize and what to focus on in order to ace their history exam.

6. Concise H2 History Notes

To resolve the issue of lengthy and over-elaborate history notes that is overwhelming for students, learning resources which are concise and easily digestible will be provided so that students can learn more effectively and save crucial time.

7. Clarifications of doubts

Last but not least, these sessions also provide a safe environment for students to ask any questions that they may have pertaining to H2 History. This will help students recall prior knowledge, promote comprehension as well as build their critical-thinking skills.

Will every lesson be taught by Mr Loo?


Yes, all lessons will be taught personally by Mr Loo. In the unlikely event that he is sick, a make-up lesson can be scheduled to make up for the lesson.


What if I am unable to make it for a tuition lesson?


No worries, there should be sufficient slots available for make-up lessons to be made within the same week. If his schedule is full, the makeup lesson can be scheduled the following week.

Can I join at any point in the year?


We recommend students to enrol in the program as early as possible; the earlier, the more time you will have to familiarize with the history content and sharpen your skills. It is possible to join at any time of the year; however, it must be noted that the later the students join, the lesser slots are available.

I am weak with the H2 History content. How can your classes help?


We go through every topic with a lot of depth for students to have an edge for each topic. The teaching is structured and geared towards you grasping the key events, a strong understanding of the big picture and the specific technicalities. All the topics in the MOE/SEAB curriculum in the H2 History 2023/2024 will be covered.


I am weak in my skills. How can your classes help?


Content and skills are both integrated into the program. You will have the opportunity to improve on your skills in essay-writing and in source-based questions through the rigorous practices that we will be doing during the tuitions lessons.


Is it possible to join your classes if I’m doing H2 History A-Levels as a private candidate?


Absolutely. We want to support students who are looking to re-do the A-Levels and need the support to do so! Private candidates who have had no prior background in the subject are welcome to join us.

How long are the H2 History lessons conducted by Mr Loo?

Each H2 History tuition session with Mr. Loo typically lasts for 2 hours. This duration allows for an in-depth exploration of the topics, extensive practice, and ample time for students to clarify any doubts they may have.

What makes Mr. Loo's H2 History tuition different from other tuition providers?

Mr. Loo's H2 History tuition stands out for its personalized approach, comprehensive content mastery, and focus on developing strong writing and analytical skills. Students benefit from his extensive experience as a history tutor, resulting in significant improvements in their grades and overall confidence in the subject.

How does Mr. Loo's extensive experience as a history tutor contribute to the success of his students?

Mr. Loo's impressive six-year tenure as a history tutor, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of the current syllabus, greatly enhances the success of his students. Through years of devoted teaching, he has refined his instructional methods and acquired profound insights into the specific difficulties that arise in H2 History. Being well-versed in the subject, Mr. Loo adeptly navigates its intricacies and identifies common misconceptions among students. Consequently, he delivers clear explanations, pertinent examples, and effective study techniques that resonate with his pupils, instilling in them a newfound confidence and motivation to excel in their H2 History examinations.

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